What would you save in a fire?

January 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Have you ever thought about what you would want to save if your home was on fire and you had just a few minutes to get out (besides people & pets)?  I have.  My scrapbooks and picture boxes.  So my memories are the most precious possession I have.   Everything else is replaceable.  It’s just stuff.  But the pictures of my babies are irreplaceable. This is all hypothetical but my point is, I treasure my pictures.

Utah Lifestyle Newborn PhotographyUtah Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Now you might be thinking about digital images.  Those would be safe in your computer, right?  Maybe.  Maybe not. But how often do you sit and look at them with your children and reminisce about the past?  I have some albums of our family pictures that my kids love to sit and look at.  In 50 years when they want to show their grandchildren what they looked like and what life was like for them, do you think they will sit around a computer?  Who’s to say computers won’t be totally different by then and that jpg’s will still even be a thing you can use? But a beautiful album will be an heirloom they can pass down to generations.

Daybreak, Utah Children's PhotographerDaybreak, Utah Children's Photographer

As I think about what I want to offer my clients, I want to give them something that lasts.  Not just take pictures that will sit in their computer for months or years before they get around to maybe printing a couple 4x6’s or 8x10’s. I want them to have a portrait they can proudly hang on the wall and an album they can keep for generations.

Daybreak Utah Family PhotoDaybreak Utah Family PhotoUtah Family Photo Session in Daybreak

This is why I feel so passionately about printing your products with me.  I will no longer hand over a CD of images or allow downloading from an online gallery only. I want to give my clients something tangible that lasts. I am now offering a viewing session two weeks after each photo session where we will sit and look at your images together.  I will be there to offer expert guidance and advice about which images will work best and which package will best fit your needs.  Because I still see the purpose in digital versions, I will include digital files of all the images that are part of your print package.