Lifestyle Newborn Shoot with Rose

February 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I used to think there was only one type of newborn photography. You know the kind where they wrap the baby up and put it in a cute basket. I think it's so cute but I never wanted to do that kind of photography because it looks like so much work. I also hate clutter in my house and I didn't want to have to collect all the props required.  Then I discovered lifestyle newborn photography. It's just more natural and it's totally more my style.  There's nothing wrong with the other kind of newborn photography, in fact I paid to get those pictures for my last baby and I love them. It's just not the style I wanted to do as a photographer. 

Take a look at my most recent lifestyle newborn session with precious baby Rose.

 Big sister Take my hand baby sister. I'll show you the way.

Through a mother's eyes.

So much love in their faces.

Look what love can make.

In Daddy's Arms.

I love the look on mom's face.

One of my favorites.

Look at those fingers! Precious baby profiles are the best.

Tiny pink toes. This was one of those perfect timing shots. I was so lucky to capture baby's smile. This is my favorite shot of the session.

Another favorite. Just makes you want a baby.

Comforted by Mom's hands.

Bringing a brand new baby home is such a special time and I was so grateful to get to capture a small part of it with this sweet family.