9 Steps to Capturing Your Child's Personality On Camera

March 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Belle's Room-158sBelle's Room-158s

One of the many reasons I love photography so much is it's ability to capture a moment in time that is fleeting. A moment you will not have forever but that you want to remember. Basically, my children's entire lives. I want to remember it, I want them to remember it. Unfortunately I have a terrible memory so I rely heavily on photographs to help me remember. This is a big reason I got into photography in the first place.

Belle's Room-52Belle's Room-52

I really want us to remember this fun age my daughter is in as well as her cute room. So I decided we should do a photo shoot of her in her bedroom. It's a great location for any of your kids to have a photo shoot because it's their space. They're comfortable in their bedroom and it represents who they are. Besides, it will hopefully make them get it nice and clean for the pictures. Obviously you could do it outside but here's how I went about capturing my tween daughter's personality on camera:

  1. Do a photo shoot in their bedroom or favorite room in your house. If not their bedroom, maybe a playroom.
  2. Get it nice and clean for pictures. No clutter. If you have to, just move it all out of the way and put it back when you're done.
  3. Plan your session. Make planning for your photo shoot a collaboration between the two of you. We talked ahead of time about her hair, make-up, clothing, music, etc. Make sure they feel like their input is being valued. I would suggest having them look as natural as possible but on their best day.
  4. Open the windows, let in as much natural light as possible. Turn off the overhead lights so you don't get ugly yellow hues. And don't use your flash.
  5. In as many pictures as possible, have the light from the window on their face instead of having their back to the window. If you have to have their back to the window, use a white poster board to reflect that light back into their face.
  6. Make sure you won't be interrupted by siblings or any other distractions.
  7. Turn on some happy music your child likes. We had on a new song by Sia called "Bang Your Head" most of the time. It's upbeat and new so it's exciting.
  8. Let me be themselves.
  9. Think of things you see them do in their room typically and then have them re-enact it for the picture. So of course I had her on her phone, taking a selfie, putting on make up, looking in the mirror, dancing, singing, and being silly.

Here are the pictures from our shoot. I hope they inspire you to get creative.

Belle's Room-30Belle's Room-30

Belle's Room-29Belle's Room-29 Belle's Room-75Belle's Room-75 Belle's Room-3Belle's Room-3 Belle's Room-11Belle's Room-11 Belle's Room-18Belle's Room-18 Belle's Room-22Belle's Room-22 Belle's Room-23Belle's Room-23 Belle's Room-32Belle's Room-32 Belle's Room-44Belle's Room-44 Belle's Room-74Belle's Room-74 Belle's Room-80Belle's Room-80 Belle's Room-89Belle's Room-89 Belle's Room-87Belle's Room-87 Belle's Room-122Belle's Room-122 Belle's Room-133Belle's Room-133 Belle's Room-134Belle's Room-134 Belle's Room-135Belle's Room-135   Belle's Room-131Belle's Room-131 Belle's Room-151Belle's Room-151 Belle's Room-13Belle's Room-13 Belle's Room-147Belle's Room-147   Belle's Room-163Belle's Room-163 Belle's Room-164Belle's Room-164 Belle's Room-171Belle's Room-171  

When we moved back to Utah from Texas, I let Belle help me with decorating her room. I knew that moving was going to be a difficult adjustment and I wanted her to be happy in her new space. It turns out she and I make a good little interior decorating team. She insisted on painting the walls hot pink. I chose a shade that was as bright as I was willing to go. She gave me a few ideas, Pinterest gave me a lot of ideas. I think it came together nicely and it is so representative of my fun-loving, bright, colorful daughter.

Belle's Room-95Belle's Room-95

This bedroom and this photo shoot were a great collaboration between me and my tween daughter. I am so pleased with how all the pictures turned out. I love how they show who Belle is. She is fun, silly, cool, pretty, bright, and colorful in her personality. We had a blast together.