Family Trip to Disney's Aulani in Hawaii

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Aloha! Our family flew to Oahu, Hawaii in March and stayed at Disney's Aulani Resort in Ko Olina. We had so much fun! First of all, the plane ride on Delta wasn't bad at all. It was about seven hours but they have TV's you can watch or play games on at every seat. It was crazy to go from snowy cold Utah to hot and humid Hawaii in one plane ride. Not to mention we literally traveled back in time so when we got there it was about 2:30 in the afternoon and it would've been 6:30 in the evening to us. Sadie got a little wired sometimes and had us all cracking up on multiple occasions. She played peek a boo a lot.

  Hawaii-6Hawaii-6 Hawaii-5Hawaii-5 Hawaii-4Hawaii-4

When we pulled up to unload at the resort the Disney experience began. They met us with smiles and "Aloha!" and gave us Leis and the kids got a Menehune necklace. It's a mischievous little guy that reminds me of a Leprechaun but the Hawaiian version. You find him hiding playfully all over the resort. There's also a scavenger hunt you can go on that tell the story of the Menehune.


This is your view when you walk through the Lobby. Very beautiful and welcoming. The beach is just off in the distance but you can't tell because of the lighting. The large rock is a volcano that the two slides go through. It's a nice big point of reference to know where you are once you are walking around the garden and pools.


I liked looking at the map first thing to get my bearings and know where everything is.

Hawaii-14Hawaii-14 Hawaii-18Hawaii-18

The room was really nice! We stayed in a one bedroom suite with a kitchen, living area, two bathrooms, a separate bedroom, and a balcony. There was a sofa bed that slept two in the living area. The kids loved that there was a hidden bed under the TV in the entertainment center. They took turns sleeping there. They had a portable crib for Sadie to sleep in the bedroom with my husband and I. We fit our family of 6 comfortably.


On the master bed there was a Minnie Mouse head made out of little towels with a flower clip you get to keep. Hawaii-39Hawaii-39

After checking out our room and dropping off our bags, we headed straight to the beach. There was a beautiful sunset.

Hawaii-43Hawaii-43 Hawaii-45Hawaii-45

Aulani's private beach is nice and big. There are rocks that break the big waves from coming in. There are still little waves for the kids to play in though.  


The sand is soft and hardly any rocks or shells to hurt your feet (or your hands in Belle's case). We were fine without using our water shoes.  Hawaii-50Hawaii-50 Hawaii-52Hawaii-52

Our baby girl was curious about the sand and ocean. She liked it until the wave knocked her down.


Hawaii-56Hawaii-56 Hawaii-60Hawaii-60

The resort always has activities you can go to. There was a Luau the first night. We were so tired though so we didn't make it through the whole show before we headed to the room. They taught us a hula dance.  Hawaii-89Hawaii-89 Hawaii-94Hawaii-94

There are opportunities to meet characters each day. We only met Mickey and Minnie. Sadie was excited and curious from far away but when we got close up, she wasn't so sure... until Mickey played peek a boo with her. That Mickey knows kids! Hawaii-95Hawaii-95

  Hawaii-102Hawaii-102 Hawaii-104Hawaii-104

"Wait, you know how to do that too?!"thought Sadie.

Hawaii-98Hawaii-98      Hawaii-108cHawaii-108c

There are like four or five pools, a lazy river, three hot tubs, two slides, a baby splash area, and a big kid - water playground area. The beach is right by all the pools so you can go back and forth easily.

Hawaii-1-2Hawaii-1-2 Hawaii-199Hawaii-199 Hawaii-200Hawaii-200

Someone got their ears cleaned.


A little down time at the hotel.


Hawaii-120Hawaii-120   Hawaii-113Hawaii-113 Hawaii-130Hawaii-130   

Where'd she go?


There she is!


I enjoyed being creative with my camera on the beach. I got lots of fun sand pictures. Hawaii-153Hawaii-153 Hawaii-155Hawaii-155    Hawaii-157Hawaii-157 Hawaii-159Hawaii-159

I tried not to drive my family crazy with the picture taking so I'd say, "Ok, 5 minute photo session!" and then I'd put my camera away and play (sometimes it was really hard for me though).

Hawaii-173Hawaii-173 Hawaii-67Hawaii-67

Hawaii-181Hawaii-181 Hawaii-185eHawaii-185e   Hawaii-201Hawaii-201 Hawaii-203Hawaii-203 Hawaii-204Hawaii-204 Hawaii-205Hawaii-205 Hawaii-211Hawaii-211

We rented a car and drove to Haleiwa and got their famous snow cones. I actually didn't like the snow cones. It wasn't worth the drive or the wait in the long line if you ask me, sorry. But we loved eating lunch at Pizza Bob's! Great food and service! 


Benjamin found some snails after dinner.  Such a boy.

Hawaii-663Hawaii-663 Hawaii-668Hawaii-668

After lunch we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We ended up spreading our visit to the PCC over two days. They gave us a free bounce back pass for the second day. We loved all the different shows and activities.

  Hawaii-218Hawaii-218 Hawaii-224Hawaii-224

Watching the Canoe Pageant.

  Hawaii-226Hawaii-226 Hawaii-228Hawaii-228

 We liked the show in Samoa the best. 


We really enjoyed the package that included the Luau dinner. There's a show while you eat a buffet.


Ben is laughing hysterically at how wired Sadie is at our Luau dinner. She does a wild version of peek a boo.  Hawaii-236Hawaii-236 Hawaii-238Hawaii-238 Hawaii-239Hawaii-239 Hawaii-241Hawaii-241 Hawaii-247Hawaii-247   Hawaii-248Hawaii-248

We each got on stage at one point. Danny and I because we were celebrating our 14th anniversary. In the pictures above try to find Ben on top and Clara in the bottom one.


 Yummy smoothie in a pineapple....yes please!

  Hawaii-300Hawaii-300 Hawaii-310Hawaii-310 Hawaii-328Hawaii-328 Hawaii-330eHawaii-330e

My little Island Princess.

  Hawaii-333Hawaii-333 Hawaii-337Hawaii-337

The kids like the games in Aotearoa (New Zealand) the best.

  Hawaii-338Hawaii-338 Hawaii-345Hawaii-345

On our way home from the Polynesian Cultural Center we stopped at Waikiki Beach.

  Hawaii-370Hawaii-370 Hawaii-371Hawaii-371 Hawaii-372Hawaii-372 Hawaii-373Hawaii-373 Hawaii-375Hawaii-375 Hawaii-1

Sadie is more of a Daddy's girl than any of our other babies have been. They all have loved him but she actually prefers him over me and that's new. It's ok. I love getting to witness their bond. I know it will be a blessing to each of them forever.

Hawaii-380Hawaii-380 Hawaii-384Hawaii-384


 Belle and I loved our new swimsuits from Albion Fit.

Hawaii-406Hawaii-406 Hawaii-408Hawaii-408

Sadie and I got up early every morning. Nothing was open so we just walked around the resort. Sometimes in the dark. It took us a long time to adjust to the time change.

Hawaii-431Hawaii-431 Hawaii-437Hawaii-437 Hawaii-441Hawaii-441 Hawaii-446Hawaii-446 Hawaii-447Hawaii-447 Hawaii-465Hawaii-465

Of course my little model asked for a photo shoot on the beach. What a pair we make. Photographer and willing model.  Hawaii-468Hawaii-468 Hawaii-479Hawaii-479 Hawaii-486Hawaii-486 Hawaii-503Hawaii-503 Hawaii-512Hawaii-512 Hawaii-532Hawaii-532 Hawaii-537eHawaii-537e Hawaii-539cRTHawaii-539cRT

Sadie had to pat pat pat all the sand. It was so cute. 


We were able to check out sand toys for free.

Hawaii-552Hawaii-552 Hawaii-558Hawaii-558

I saw this picture of the water washing away "stress" on Pinterest and had to get one of my own. 

Hawaii-562Hawaii-562 Hawaii-572Hawaii-572 Hawaii-573Hawaii-573 Hawaii-586Hawaii-586 Hawaii-582Hawaii-582 Hawaii-629Hawaii-629 Hawaii-634Hawaii-634 Hawaii-648Hawaii-648

They buried Ben in the sand and then Belle tickled him.


The first day and the last day we let them get the fun Disney desserts.


Hawaii-269Hawaii-269 Hawaii-264eHawaii-264e Hawaii-258Hawaii-258

The sun has set on our little trip to Paradise. Aloha! And Mahalo.