Mackey Family

May 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I love Instagram for many reasons. One is this family right here. Their daughter found me on Instagram and told her mom about me. I seriously lucked out getting to meet and work with these people. Their kids were so well mannered the whole time (or maybe they were just frozen). It was pretty cold and overcast but they didn't complain or fight. They were such troopers. And as you can see, they are a happy, loving family. So thank you Instagram for bringing me such an ideal client! 

I wanted to get a good headshot of each kid against this wall so mom could hang them up at home next to each other. I send my clients a questionnaire before our session together to find out if you have any particular pictures you need.  It helps me gather as much information from you as I can so that I am prepared and provide what you want.

Beautiful family and seriously so full of love for one another.

Mom put together the cutest ensemble. I just love the colors and patterns. And they look stylish, comfortable, and warm. Perfect job picking outfits Mama! That can be such a stressful part of getting pictures done. That's why I offer plenty of tips and guidance to my clients who book with me now.

Big brother was so great at helping get the little ones to smile by tickling them.

I have to admit, it was a little unusual how well these kids got along and behaved. Kudos to the parents because they're doing something right! I could sure use some help in this department.

This little guy was adorable. I asked him if he could show me how high he could jump. 


  This is their oldest daughter Layla. She is the one that found me on Instagram. She is SO sweet! And guess what I found out after the session? She's an incredibly talented singer! She has a YouTube channel you need to watch, like, share, and subscribe to here!


Thanks for checking out my fun session with the Mackey Family!