Man of My Dreams (like literally)

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Nicky and DannyNicky and Danny

This is my love story. I probably won't do it justice because I don't have the time or the skills to tell it right. But this is how it starts. When I was maybe 10 years old I had a dream that was so vivid and real that when I woke up it was as if I had lived it. It was unlike most dreams. It felt important. That's why I still remember it. The important part was that I'd seen my husband. He was tall, dark, and handsome and wearing a tuxedo and we were in a really fancy building. Remember that.

I started college at Utah State University. I loved being an Aggie and living in Logan was so much fun. After my second year there I just had this uneasy feeling that I wasn't where I was supposed to be. I couldn't make sense of it and it was hard to listen to it at first. But the Lord was telling me to leave. I tried out for the dance team at the University of Utah and made it. I moved back to Salt Lake City and started practices in the summer. 

Let me tell you that I almost always dated jocks. Like football players, baseball players, soccer players, you know. So I was not expecting what happened next. Sometimes when we practiced, we were with the marching band for half time performances. And there was this drummer...

He was tall. He was SUPER tan. He was handsome! His name was Danny. He had the brightest white smile (and that's always what I noticed first about a guy). And he was SOOOO happy and nice. Everybody knew him and everybody liked him. You could tell. I started to go out of my way to be around him at practice and on campus. Usually a guy could tell when I liked him because I was a big flirt but this guy never took a hint. He says it's because he just never thought a girl like me would like a guy like him. So I finally gave up. I was on and off in another relationship at the time anyway so it was complicated. 


(He's the tall one fourth from the right. He was center snare, or leader of the drumline.)

So finally one day he asked me out! And I had to say no because I was back 'on' with my boyfriend. So I went home and cried. That night I had a dream about Danny. I woke up and knew I needed to go out with him. So I broke up with my boyfriend. Then I had one of my friends on the dance team tell him that I was available now if the offer still stood. It was during a football game. At half time we always got pizza for the team. We had an extra box of pizza and so I took it to Danny. I had to walk by half the marching band to get to him. I think when I handed it to him, that's when he knew, "this girl is into me." The way to a man's heart is through his stomach right? CLlocker roomCLlocker room

(This is our locker room. I'm the third one from the left in the black tank.)

So we went on our first date. And he was such a gentleman. He was so interested in learning all about me. He asked me tons of good questions and really listened to my answers. It was weird for me but I loved it! We had so much fun. At the end of the date I cried!! I had this fluttering feeling in my heart and my emotions were overflowing. I was laughing and crying at the same time. The thought came into my head, "that's my husband." After the first date! Are you kidding me?! I must be crazy.

Two weeks later we told each other "I love you". Two months later, we proposed on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building. Five months after our first date, we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. 


It made sense why I didn't feel right in Logan. I was supposed to go meet my husband. The literal man of my dreams. He's a musician and performs in a tuxedo and beautiful halls all over the world.  It made sense why I felt so strongly that we were supposed to go on a date. It made sense why I laughed and cried after our first date. The Lord was leading and guiding me to my sweetheart. I'd been praying about him for years. I'd written in my journal when I was 14 that I wondered where he was, what he was doing, what he was like, and that I couldn't wait to meet him. When I was young it felt so far away. I started seeing people get engaged as I got older. I'd hear stories of people who didn't know each other very long and then they'd get engaged. I thought they were just crazy Mormons in a hurry to get married so they could, you know. There was so much pressure in the culture to get married young. But then it was me in the story! I was the crazy Mormon this time! But the Spirit was so strong it might as well have been a sledge hammer hitting me over the head telling me this was the one. So why wait? I couldn't wait to be his wife and start our lives together.  13690885_10210246539699728_1145683122546019895_n13690885_10210246539699728_1145683122546019895_n

(He plays timpani for the Orchestra at Temple Square with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.) 314718_10100282477794399_387430633_n314718_10100282477794399_387430633_n

(This is at my cousin's wedding)

It was so fun performing together! We'd see each other at practice and games and other performances. Our romance blossomed in the middle of a lot of Utah Utes pride. Now we have season tickets to the games and we are super fans. We even got to coach together a couple of times. We both coached at the University and a couple of high schools together. 


  CL bbCL bb

(I'm the second from the right)


(I'm third from the left)


And now we're living our happily ever after.

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